Can I switch to a different photo pack?

Once you've chosen a certain pack and picked all your pictures, you won't be able to switch to a different pack if you end up with more/less pictures than initially planned.

Example 1️⃣ : If you begin with a pack of 20 pictures & end up having over a 100, the price of the pack for 100 prints won't apply and you won't benefit from the preferential rate.

Example 2️⃣ : If you went for a pack of 100 prints and only decide to add, let's say 83, you won't be able to validate your creation/add it to your cart. ( because in order to do so, you need to have reached 100 pictures).
You will therefore have to drop the creation and start all over again, after selecting the right pack (a pack of 20 if you want between 20 and 49 prints / a pack of 50 if between 50 and 99 (...) ) .

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