Our quality and eco-responsible commitments Cheerz 🌍

At Cheerz, we make it a point of honor to offer you only the best in terms of
quality for all of our products 🌟
We are committed to long-term actions so that you and future generations can continue to print your photos more responsibly.
We have chosen the best products in terms of paper quality and weight; and this in line with FSC certifications for respect for our environment.
For our prints we use the best paper available on the market, with silver printing.
We have set ourselves the objective of having our products certified by the global FSC® label. 
This assures consumers that a product comes from responsible management of the world’s forests and takes into account the needs of current and future generations. More concretely, all our photo albums are FSC® Mix 70% certified, that is to say up to 70% of all their components.
We have also redesigned all of our packaging so that almost all of it is 100% recyclable and 100% recycled.
Regarding our carbon impact, we offset our greenhouse gas emissions through the Climate Partner process. This organisation ensures that we have a climate-neutral impression by supporting recognised climate protection projects, such as planting trees in Peru. So, we can officially say that we are a carbon-neutral company thanks to 100% offset of our expenses through this program.

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