Large quantity order

Cheerz allows you to have large amounts of pictures printed for your every need: corporate gifts, wedding albums, birthdays ...
Tell us about your plans to benefit from a preferential rate or a custom quote.

How to place a large order:

Get in touch with our Happiness Team using the following form : and specify " Large order " as the subject of your message.

Your creations are to be made independently, on our website or on the app.
Our team isn't in a position to accept and/or handle pdf files or photo transfers.
The only products available for large orders are our photo products so don't be shy and have a look at our catalogue to find the perfect gift.

Can I benefit from a preferential rate?
Our team will be able to offer you a preferential rate or a custom quote depending on the desired quantity and the amount of your basket.
By using the code WOW at checkout, you'll get free shipping if your order is >50€.
Please keep in mind that our promo codes aren't cumulative.

What are the delivery times?
Most of our products can be delivered to you under 5 working days (photo albums, prints, magnets..)
Express delivery is also an option, for some of our products.


Can I make by bank transfer?

Bank transfers will only be an option for very large orders that require a custom quote. For most cases, the payment will have to be made via a credit card on the app/website. You'll be able to download your invoice (from your cheerz account) once the order has been placed.

1. Create your product on our website/app.

2. Get in touch with our Happiness Team, fill in the form and specify "large order" as the subject of your request.

3. One of our agents will get back to you to offer you some help and discuss an offer.

4. Confirm your order independently on our site/app and add your code at the Checkout step.

5. Download your invoice (from your cheerz account.)

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