I can't upload my photos

If you're having issues uploading your pictures, we invite you to have a look at the the following checklist.


Regardless of the platform (IOS, ANDROID, WEBSITE) you are using or the problem you are having, many problems with photo uploads can be solved using the following tips.

👉🏼 Keep the Cheerz app open

If you are on the "My cart" page and your product is downloading, do not leave the page.


👉🏼 Restart the CHEERZ app

Deleting and reinstalling the app can solve the downloading problem, however be careful, you can lose your draft so we advise you to save it before doing so.
Fix an installed Android app that isn't workingQuit and reopen an app on iPhone


👉🏼 Check your internet connection

Downloading photos is sometimes slow if the internet connection is weak. Try to connect with another Wi-Fi network or turn on your mobile data.


👉🏼 Check that your battery is charged

Photo uploads are sometimes slower if the battery is low. Try plugging your computer, phone, or tablet into a power source.


👉🏼 Check that you have enough storage space

Check the remaining storage space in your phone. If you run out, delete files or folders or leave shared folders.


👉🏼 Check that your CHEERZ app is up to date

Your device settings determine whether you need to update apps on your device manually or whether they update automatically.

So check if the CHEERZ app is up to date on your device:

How to update the Play Store & apps on Android

Use the App Store to update apps on Mac

Get updates for apps and games in Microsoft Store

How to update apps manually on your Apple device


If after trying all the solutions above, your problems persist, here are some other reasons why your photos may not be showing in the mobile app:

If you don't see some of your photos in the Photos tab, some information about the taken date may be missing.

Different information, including the date and time taken, is usually embedded in a digital photo. We use this data to organise your photos. If a photo is undated or has an incomplete date, it is sorted by the date it was last modified.



👉🏼 Update iOS or Android system

Updating iOS to a recent version can bring system improvements and fixes, if it is the outdated system version that is causing the problem, same for Android.

Step 1: Tap Settings > General > Software Update.

Step 2: Let the device check for available updates. If an update is available, tap Download and Install.



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