Part of my order is missing

To ensure that you receive your order as soon as possible, some products are sent in separate packages because of their format or because of their production time.

You only received a part of your order? Please start by checking if it was sent in one or several packages. To do so, log into your Cheerz Account and have a look at your order history.

Example for an order containing 2 products:

If you can find two tracking links, as in twice a " track your order " , this means that your order was shipped in separate packages and that your missing product should be delivered to you soon. You can follow up on the delivery by clicking on the matching tracking link.

However, if you only have one tracking link for two products and only received one product, that means we missed something. Please get in touch with our Happiness Team by giving them your order number (starting with CZ) so that we can rectify this incident.

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