Referral code and credits

A referral code is automatically assigned to you when you register. You can find it here.


Feel free to share your code on Facebook, Twitter and by email.

Referral code, how does it work?

When someone orders for the first time and enters your referral code, he gets £4 discount on his first order and you are automatically credited of £4. The more you share it, more friends order with your code, and the more credits you get!

Please note that the commercial distribution of your code is not allowed. You're only allowed to share this code with friends and family, not on voucher websites etc. We reserve the right to remove the credits from your account if your code is shared on voucher sites.

If you have earned credits and would like to use them, all you need to do is to enter your own referral code in the voucher code field during checkout. Take note that you need to spend a minimum of £8 on your purchase for the code to work.

What if I have more credits than the price of my order?

If you have more credits than the price of your order - for example you have £20 in credit and your order only costs £17, we will debit your credit £17, leaving you with £3 to spend next time. 

If you encounter any problems, feel free to contact us at!

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