Data Privacy

Privacy and personal details:

Your personal details and your pictures are stored on a secure server. Cheerz will not disclose your information to third parties and never share your information with anyone. You own your data and can remove it at any time.


Access your shared photos online:

Cheerz created apps with popular social networks for you to easily access your photos and those of your friends. It is a convenience that allows you to connect with Facebook Instagrm, Flick’r, Dropbox, Google+ so you can directly fetch your pictures from there and not have to download them on your computer and then upload them on our website.

We use the same confidentiality rules as those applied to your social networks accounts. You will never have access to private photos you would not normally be able to view via Cheerz.

Finally, no one will be able to view your pictures on Cheerz if they cannot view them on the networks such as Facebook, Instagram, etc.

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