My video is too long. How can I adjust it on my phone ?

"A short video will capture your loved one's attention and allow you to create a powerful emotion!
Here's how to shorten a video on a smartphone from the Android or iOS gallery:

On Android:
1. Open the Galerie application on your Android smartphone.
2. Browse your videos and select the one you want to shorten.
3. Press the editing icon (usually represented by a pencil or editing tool) at the bottom or top of the screen.
4. Once in the video editor, you should see a timeline representing the total length of the video: drag the start and end sliders on the timeline to select the part you wish to keep.
5. Check the preview to make sure the video is shortened to your preference.
6. Once you're satisfied with the result, save the shortened video by pressing the save or confirm button.
You can then choose to share the shortened video on different platforms or save it to your gallery.

On iOS (iPhone/iPad) :
1. Open the Photos application on your iPhone or iPad.
2. Go to the "Albums" tab at the bottom of the screen.
3. Select "Videos" to display all your videos.
4. Select the video you wish to shorten.
5. Press " Edit " at the top right of the screen. You'll see a timeline at the bottom of the screen with start and end sliders: drag the sliders to define the part of the video you want to keep.
6. Once you've selected the desired part, press "Done" or "Save".
7. You can now choose to replace the existing video or create a new, shortened version.

The shortened video will be saved in your gallery and you can share or use it as you wish.
The exact steps may vary slightly depending on your operating system version and the gallery app used on your phone, but these instructions should give you a general idea of how to shorten a video from the gallery on Android and iOS."

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