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You want to order your photo product but choose your photos later ? This is now possible with our DIY albums, Big Fat Boxes, Classic and Retro boxes !


If you only want to order your product and choose your photos in a second step :

1. Choose your product

2. Select the "later" option 

3. Choose your type of product and color

4. Add your product to the basket and order it :)

Once your order made, you'll receive an order confirmation email and an email including your activation code (available for 1 year) that will allow you to order your 0€ prints during your next order.

Si vous n'avez pas reçu votre code d'activation ou si vous l'avez perdu, n'hésitez pas à contacter notre happiness team à l'adresse


If you've already bought your product but want to order your prints thanks to your activation code :

1. Choose the product you've previously ordered or choose the photo printing tab

2. Select the "fill in my box" / "fill in my DIY album" option

3. Choose the format of your prints and customize them if you want to

4. Add your product to the basket

5. Before ordering, don't forget to add your activation code via the "add a promo code / gift card" tab

You won't have to pay any delivery fees on this specific order.

However, if you want to add other products with your prints order, delivery fees could apply.

You should also note it won't be possible to cumulate another promocode.


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