How does the Express Delivery work?

To select express delivery, you have to confirm your basket & address first.

Please keep in mind that express delivery isn't available for all of our products, so if you don't see the express option it means that it is not available for your destination.

Always rely on the estimated delivery dates prior to the payment: on the summary of your order. During major periods the delivery schedules can change and become a bit longer.


Express delivery means :

👉🏼 you'll receive your order with our fast delivery carrier Fedex. After time production, you'll receive your order in 2/3 days once sent. ⚡️

👉🏼 Fridays are the exception: your package will be delivered on Tuesday (our Express carrier doesn't pick up or deliver parcels on weekends).

🚨 Photo albums take an extra day. This time is required to create a beautiful binding.

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