How to delete some pages from my album

Here's how to delete pages from your album from our website 💻 or app 📲:


1) On the last page of your album, click "Remove pages".
A new window will then open.


2) It's time to select the pages you want to delete.
Please note that you can only delete photos in groups of 4.


3) Once the pages are selected, you can click "delete" on the top right;
All you have to do is validate a second time that you want to remove these pages and voilà!


PS: For the premium album with flat opening, deletion is carried out per double page, i.e. in multiples of 2.

- Click on "Remove double pages" at the bottom of your album. A window will open and you can now select the pages you wish to delete.

- All that's left is to confirm the deletion and you're done !

 Please note that the minimum number of pages for an album is 24 (you will not be able to create a 20-page album).

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