How to add/delete a product from your basket

If you wish to add another product, duplicate, or delete, one or more products, you can do all that from your cart.


From your app 📲

Once in the cart, click on "Add a new product" and select from there the product you want to order.

If you want to duplicate your creation, click on the 3 dots in the small square next to your product.

You will have three options:

- "Edit my design" (if you made a mistake or want to review the whole creation)

- "Duplicate this design", you will have a copy of your creation with the same photos.

- "Delete this product", we will ask you if you are really sure about this decision.

You can also choose to order more items by choosing the desired quantity with the "+" or reduce the quantity with the "-".

If you are on the website 💻
From your cart you can:

- Add a new product by clicking on "Add a new product"

- Edit your creation by clicking on the pencil ✏️ to the right of your article;

- Duplicate your product by clicking on the two squares next to the pencil; 

- Delete your article by clicking on the trash can. 🥺

You can also add copies of your creation and change the desired amount with the "+" and "-" symbols.

If you want to select the same photo several times in your creation, check this article "Add the same photo several times";)

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